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August 26, 2016

Stuart Blofeld, an ultra-marathon runner from Bedfordshire, has conducted a number of quite challenging ElliptiGO training experiments over the years. But his latest was possibly his most audacious……

After his incredible ElliptiGO ride during the 2,100km Wild Atlandtic Way Audax cycling event in June 2016 Stu decided to put his residual fitness to the test in yet another impact-free running training experiment. Last year, after completing the 1,200km Paris Brest Paris ElliptiGO ride, Stu had run a full marathon (the Snowdonia off-road marathon in Wales) with hardly any actual running in his training buildup (just using the fitness gained from lots of ElliptiGO riding). You can read an account of that experiment on this link.

His latest version of this experiment was to aim to run 100-miles at the Lakeland 100-mile run in the Lake District last weekend (29-31 July 2016). Stu estimated that he’d run well under 100-miles in total, for the whole of 2016. His training log on Strava showed just 40-miles of actual running for the full year, before this event – having focused all his free time on ElliptiGO training (as he prepared for the Wild Atlantic Way 2,100km ride). So he went into the Lakeland 100 run with hardly any 2016 running mileage in his training (after a 5-week period of recovery from the big cycling challenge he’d completed on the ElliptiGO in June).

Stu found that he was able to complete the Lakeland 100-mile endurance run in about 38 hours, despite having done almost no running at all this year. Of course, it was quite grueling – and probably a lot slower than he’d have managed with a more balanced training regime. In previous 100-mile endurance runs (after he has done more balanced training using the ElliptiGO and also doing a lot of actual running) Stu has found his progress to be faster than in this latest endeavour.

But he actually got through the Lakeland 100-mile run rather well… It is probably notable to mention that 33% of the participants running in the Lakeland 100-mile event actually failed to finish, so getting to the end was quite an accomplishment in itself. It was a tough course – and a really challenging event.

What this experiment has shown us – which is very much in line with the recent scientific findings – is that the ElliptiGO does genuinely condition runners for running – and to a much greater extent than many people would imagine. But it is still important for runners to actually run as part of their training for long distance running events, if they want to run to their full athletic potential.

Source: Another Extreme Impact-Free Running Experiment… – ElliptiGO UK


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